Definition for RUFF

RUFF, n. [Arm. rouffenn, a wrinkle; W. rhevu, to thicken.]

  1. A piece of plaited linen worn by females around the neck. – Addison.
  2. Something puckered or plaited. – Pope.
  3. A small fish, a species of Perca. – Walton.
  4. A bird of the genus Tringa, with a tuft of feathers around the neck of the male, whence the name. The female is called reeve. – Ed. Encyc.
  5. A state of roughness. [Sax. hreof. Obs.] – Chapman.
  6. Pride; elevation; as, princes in the ruff of all their glory. – L'Estrange.
  7. A particular species of pigeon.
  8. At cards, the act of winning the trick by trumping the cards of another suit. [D. troef, troeven.]

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