Definition for RUG

RUG, n. [D. ruig, G. rauch, rough, hairy, shaggy; Sw. rugg, entangled hair; ruggig, rugged, shaggy. This coincides with Dan. rug, W. rhyg, rye, that is, rough; W. rhug, something abounding with points. In W. brycan is a rug, a clog, a brogue for the feet, a covering. This belongs to the great family of rough, L. ruga, raucus.]

  1. A coarse nappy woolen cloth used for a bed cover, and in modern times particularly, for covering the carpet before a fire-place. This name was formerly given to a coarse kind of frieze used for winter garments, and it may be that the poor in some countries still wear it. But in America, I believe the name is applied only to a bed cover for ordinary beds, and to a covering before a fire-place.
  2. A rough, woolly or shaggy dog.

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