Definition for RU'IN

RU'IN, v.t. [Fr. ruiner.]

  1. To demolish; to pull down, burn, or otherwise destroy; as, to ruin a city or an edifice.
  2. To subvert; to destroy; as, to ruin a state or government.
  3. To destroy; to bring to an end; as, to ruin commerce or manufactures.
  4. To destroy in any manner; as, to ruin health or happiness; to ruin reputation.
  5. To counteract; to defeat; as, to ruin a plan or project.
  6. To deprive of felicity or fortune. By thee rais'd I ruin all my foes. Milton. Grace with a nod, and ruin with a frown. Dryden.
  7. To impoverish; as, to be ruined by speculation. The eyes of other people are the eyes that ruin us. Franklin.
  8. To bring to everlasting misery; as, to ruin the soul.

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