Definition for CHAS-TISE'

CHAS-TISE', v.t. [s as z. Fr. châtier; Arm. castiza, from chaste, castus. The Latin castigo, Sp. and Port. castigar, It. gastigare, are formed with a different termination. We have chastise from the Armoric dialect.]

  1. To correct by punishing; to punish; to inflict pain by stripes, or in other manner, for the purpose of punishing an offender and recalling him to his duty. I will chastise you seven times for your sin. – Lev. xxvi.
  2. To reduce to order or obedience; to restrain; to awe; to repress. The gay social sense, / By decency chastised. – Thomson.
  3. To correct; to purify by expunging faults; as, to chastise a poem.

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