Definition for CON'TEM-PLATE

CON'TEM-PLATE, v.t. [L. contemplor. If m is radical, see Class Dm, No. 3, 4, 35.]

  1. To view or consider with continued attention; to study; to meditate on. This word expresses the attention of the mind, but sometimes in connection with that of the eyes; as, to contemplate the heavens. More generally, the act of the mind only is intended; as, to contemplate the wonders of redemption; to contemplate the state of the nation and its future prospects. Teach me to contemplate thy grace. – Mrs. Delany.
  2. To consider or have in view, in reference to a future act or event; to intend. A decree of the National Assembly of France, June 26, 1792, contemplates a supply from the United States of four millions of livres. There remain some particulars to complete the information contemplated by those resolutions. – Hamilton's Report. If a treaty contains any stipulations which contemplate a state of future war. – Kent's Commentaries.

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