Definition for COV'ER

COV'ER, v.t. [Fr. couvrir; Sp. and Port. cubrir; It. coprire; Norm. coverer and converer; from L. cooperio.]

  1. To overspread the surface of a thing with another substance to lay or set over; as, to cover a table with a cloth, or a floor with a carpet. The valleys are covered with corn. – Ps. lxv. The locusts shall cover the face of the earth. – Ex. x.
  2. To hide; to conceal by something overspread. If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me. – Ps. cxxxix.
  3. To conceal by some intervening object; as, the enemy was covered from our sight by a forest.
  4. To clothe; as, to cover with a robe or mantle; to cover nakedness. – 1 Sam. xxviii, 14. Ex. xxviii, 42.
  5. To overwhelm. The waters covered the chariots and horsemen. – Ex. xiv. Let them be covered with reproach. – Ps. lxxi.
  6. To conceal from notice or punishment. Charity shall cover the multitude of sins. – 1 Pet. iv.
  7. To conceal; to refrain from disclosing or confessing. He that covereth his sin shall not prosper. Prov. xxviii.
  8. To pardon or remit. Blessed is he whose sin is covered. – Ps. xxxii.
  9. To vail, applied to women. – 1 Cor. xi. To wear a hat, applied to men. Be covered, sir.
  10. To wrap, infold or envelop; as, to cover a package of goods.
  11. To shelter; to protect; to defend. A squadron of horse covered the troops on the retreat. And the soft wings of peace cover him around. – Cowley.
  12. To brood; to incubate; as, a hen covering her eggs. – Addison.
  13. To copulate with a female.
  14. To equal, or be of equal extent; to be equivalent to; as, the receipts do not cover the expenses; a mercantile use of the word.
  15. To disguise; to conceal hypocritically.
  16. To include, embrace or comprehend. This land was covered by a mortgage. – Johnson's Rep.

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