Definition for CRAWL

CRAWL, v.i. [D. krielen; Scot. crowl; Dan. kravler, to crawl up, to climb; Sw. kräla, to crawl, to swarm; D. grielen, to swarm; grillen, to shiver or shudder; Fr. grouiller, to stir about, to crawl with insects; It. grillare, to simmer. Qu. Dan. kriller, to itch.]

  1. To creep; to move slowly by thrusting or drawing the body along the ground, as a worm; or to move slowly on the hands and knees or feet, as a human being. A worm crawls on the earth; a boy crawls into a cavern, or up a tree.
  2. To move or walk weakly, slowly, or timorously. He was hardly able to crawl about the room. – Arbuthnot.
  3. To creep; to advance slowly and slyly; to insinuate one's self; as, to crawl into favor. [This use is vulgar.]
  4. To move about; to move in any direction; used in contempt. Absurd opinions crawl about the world. – South.
  5. To have the sensation of insects creeping about the body; as, the flesh crawls.

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