Definition for PA-RADE'

PA-RADE', n. [Fr. parade, parade, and a parrying; It. parata; Sp. parada, a stop or stopping, halt, end of course, a fold for cattle, a relay of horses, a dam or bank, a stake, bet or wager, a parade. This is from the root of L. paro, Sp. parar, to prepare.]

  1. In military affairs, the place where troops assemble for exercise, mounting guard or other purposes. – Encyc.
  2. Show; ostentation; display. Be rich, but of your wealth make to parade. – Swift.
  3. Pompous procession. The rites performed, the parson paid, / In state return'd the grand parade. – Swift.
  4. Military order; array; as, warlike parade. – Milton.
  5. State of preparation or defense. – Locke.
  6. The action of parrying a thrust. [Fr.] – Encyc.

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