Definition for PER-FEC'TION

PER-FEC'TION, n. [L. perfectio.]

  1. The state of being perfect or complete, so that nothing requisite is wanting; as, perfection in an art or science; perfection in a system of morals.
  2. Physical perfection, is when a natural object has all its powers, faculties or qualities entire and in full vigor, and all its parts in due proportion. – Encyc.
  3. Metaphysical or transcendental perfection, is the possession of all the essential attributes or all the parts necessary to the integrity of a substance. This is absolute, where all defect is recluded, such as the perfection of God; or according to its kind, as in created things. – Encyc.
  4. Moral perfection, is the complete possession of all moral excellence, as in the Supreme Being; or the possession of such moral qualities and virtues as a thing is capable of.
  5. A quality, endowment or acquirement completely excellent, or of great worth. In this sense, the word has a plural. What tongue can her perfections tell? – Sidney.
  6. An inherent or essential attribute of supreme or infinite excellence; or one perfect in its kind; as, the perfections of God. The infinite power, holiness, justice, benevolence and wisdom of God are denominated his perfections.
  7. Exactness; as, to imitate a model to perfection.

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