Definition for PER-MIT'

PER-MIT', v.t. [L. permitto; per and mitto, to send; Fr. permettre; It. permettere; Sp. permitir.]

  1. To allow; to grant leave or liberty to by express consent. He asked my leave and I permitted him.
  2. To allow by silent consent or by not prohibiting; to suffer without giving express authority. The laws permit us to do what is not expressly or impliedly forbid. What God neither commands nor forbids, he permits with approbation to be done or left undone. – Hooker.
  3. To afford ability or means. Old age does not permit us to retain the vigor of youth. The man's indigence does not permit him to indulge in luxuries.
  4. To leave; to give or resign. Let us not aggravate our sorrows, / But to the gods permit the event of things. – Addison. [The latter scene is obsolete or obsolescent.]

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