Definition for PHYS'IC-AL


  1. Pertaining to nature or natural productions, or to material things, as opposed to things moral or imaginary. We speak of physical force or power, with reference to material things; as, muscular strength is physical force; armies and navies are the physical force of a nation; whereas wisdom, knowledge, skill, &c., constitute moral force. A physical point is a real point, in distinction from a mathematical or imaginary point. A physical body or substance is a material body or substance, in distinction from spirit or metaphysical substance.
  2. External; perceptible to the senses; as, the physical characters of a mineral; opposed to chimical. Phillips.
  3. Relating to the art of healing; as, a physical treatise.
  4. Having the property of evacuating the bowels; as, physical herbs.
  5. Medicinal; promoting the cure of diseases.
  6. Resembling physic; as, a physical taste. – Johnson. [In the three latter senses, nearly obsolete among professional men.] Physical education, the education which is directed to the object of giving strength, health and vigor to the bodily organs and powers.

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