Definition for PHYS-I-OG'NOM-Y

PHYS-I-OG'NOM-Y, n. [Gr. φυσιογνωμια; φυσις, nature, and γνωμονικος, knowing; γινωσκω, to know.]

  1. The art or science of discerning the character of the mind from the features of the face; or the art of discovering the predominant temper or other characteristic qualities of the mind by the form of the body, but especially by the external signs of the countenance, or the combination of the features. – Bacon. Lavater.
  2. The face or countenance, with respect to the temper of the mind; particular configuration, cast or expression of countenance. – Dryden. [This word formerly comprehended the art of foretelling the future fortunes of persons by indications of the countenance.]

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