Definition for PINCH

PINCH, v.t. [Fr. pincer; formerly pinser; Arm. pinçza; Sp. pizcar; It. pizzare, pizzicare. These are evidently from the root of It. piccare, to prick, smart, itch, to peck, to provoke, Sp. and Port. picar, to sting or prick, to peck, to dig, to bite or pinch, as cold. The root then is that of peck, pick, pike; and pinch is primarily to press between two sharp points, or to prick. Hence its peculiar application to pressure between the fingers.]

  1. To press hard or squeeze between the ends of the fingers, the teeth, claws, or with an instrument, &c.
  2. To squeeze or compress between any two hard bodies.
  3. To squeeze the flesh till it is pained or livid.
  4. To gripe; to straiten; to oppress with want; as, to pinch a nation; to pinch the belly; to be pinched for want of food.
  5. To pain by constriction; to distress; as, pinching cold. The winter pinches.
  6. To press; to straiten by difficulties; as, the; argument pinches the objector. The respondent is pinched with a strong objection. – Watts.
  7. To press hard; to try thoroughly.

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