Definition for PINE

PINE, n.1 [Fr. pin; Sp. and It. pino, L. pinus; Sax. pinn-treow, pin-tree. D. pynboom, W. pin-bren, pin-tree, and pin-gwyz, pin-wood. These words indicate that this name is from the leaves of the pine, which resemble pins. But the Welsh has also feinid-wyz, from feinid, a rising to a point, from fain, a cone, and gwyz, wood. The latter name is from the cones.]

A tree of the genus Pinus, of many species, some of which furnish timber of the most valuable kind. The species which usually bear this name in the United States, are the white pine, Pinus strobus, the prince of our forests; the yellow pine, Pinus resinosa; and the pitch pine, Pinus rigida.

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