Definition for PLAT'FORM

PLAT'FORM, n. [plat, flat, and form.]

  1. The sketch of any thing horizontally delineated; the ichnography. – Sandys.
  2. A place laid out after any model. – Pope.
  3. In the military art, an elevation of earth or a floor of wood or stone, on which cannons are mounted to fire on an enemy. – Encyc.
  4. In architecture, a row of beams or a piece of timber which supports the timber-work of a roof, and lying on the top of the wall. – Encyc. This in New England is called the plate.
  5. A kind of terrace or broad smooth open walk on the top of a building, as in the oriental houses. – Encyc.
  6. In ships, the orlop. [See Orlop.]
  7. Any number of planks or other materials forming a floor for any purpose. – Mar. Dict.
  8. A plan; a scheme; ground-work. – Bacon.
  9. In some of the New England states, an ecclesiastical constitution, or a plan for the government of churches; as, the Cambridge or Saybrook platform.

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