Definition for PLEAD

PLEAD, v.t.

  1. To discuss, defend and attempt to maintain by arguments or reasons offered to the tribunal or person who has the power of determining; as, to plead a cause before a court or jury. In this sense, argue is more generally used by lawyers.
  2. To alledge or adduce in proof, support or vindication. The law of nations may be pleaded in favor of the rights of embassadors.
  3. To offer in excuse. I will neither plead my age nor sickness in excuse of faults. – Dryden.
  4. To alledge and offer in a legal plea or defense, or for repelling a demand in law; as, to plead usury; to plead a statute of limitations. – Ch. Kent.
  5. In Scripture, to plead the cause of the righteous, as God is to avenge or vindicate them against enemies, or to redress their grievances. – Is. li.

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