Definition for PLEAS'ANT

PLEAS'ANT, a. [plez'ant; Fr. plaisant. See Please.]

  1. Pleasing; agreeable; grateful to the mind or to the senses; as, a pleasant ride; a pleasant voyage; a pleasant view. Light is pleasant to the eye; an orange is pleasant to the taste; harmony is pleasant to the ear; a rose is pleasant to the smell. How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! – Ps. cxxxiii.
  2. Cheerful; enlivening; as, pleasant society or company.
  3. Gay; lively; humorous; sportive; as, a pleasant companion.
  4. Trifling; adapted rather to mirth than use. – Locke.
  5. Giving pleasure; gratifying. This word expresses less than delightful, to the mind, and delicious, to the taste.

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