Definition for PLUN'DER

PLUN'DER, v.t. [G. pl√ľndern; D. plunderen; Sw. plundra; Dan. plyndrer. Qu. the root of eloign.]

  1. To pillage; to spoil; to strip; to take the goods of an enemy by open force. Nebuchadnezzar plundered the temple of the Jews.
  2. To take by pillage or open force. The enemy plundered all the goods they found. We say, he plundered the tent, or he plundered the goods of the tent. The first is the proper use of the word.
  3. To rob, as a thief; to take from; to strip; as, the thief plundered the house; the robber plundered a man of his money and watch; pirates plunder ships and men.

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