Definition for POINT

POINT, v.i.

  1. To direct the finger for designating an object, and exciting attention to it; with at. Now must the world point at poor Catherine. – Shak. Point at the tatter'd coat and ragged shoe. – Dryden.
  2. To indicate, as dogs do to sportsmen. He treads with caution, and he points with fear. – Gay.
  3. To show distinctly by any means. To point at what time the balance of power was most equally held between the lords and commons at Rome, would perhaps admit a controversy. – Swift.
  4. To fill the joints or crevices of a wall with mortar.
  5. In the rigging of a ship, to taper the end of a rope or splise, and work over the reduced part a small close netting, with an even number of knittles twisted from the same. – Cyc. To point at, to treat with scorn or contempt by pointing or directing attention to.

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