Definition for POL'I-TY

POL'I-TY, n. [Gr. πολιτεια.]

  1. The form or constitution of civil government of a nation or state; and in free states, the frame or fundamental system by which the several branches of government are established, and the powers and duties of each designated and defined. Every branch of our civil polity supports and is supported, regulates and is regulated by the rest. – Blackstone. With respect to their interior polity, our colonies are properly of three sorts; provincial establishments, proprietary governments, and charter governments. – Blackstone. The word seems also to embrace legislation and administration of government.
  2. The constitution or general fundamental principles of government of any class of citizens, considered in an appropriate character, or as a subordinate state. Were the whole Christian world to revert back to the original model, how far more simple, uniform and beautiful would the church appear, and how far more agreeable to the ecclesiastical polity instituted by the holy apostles. – President Stiles.

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