Definition for POOR'NESS


  1. Destitution of property; indigence; poverty; want; as, the poorness of the exchequer. No less I hate him than the gates of hell, / That poorness can force an untruth to tell. – Chapman. [In this sense, we generally use poverty.]
  2. Meanness; lowness; want of dignity; as, the poorness of language.
  3. Want of spirit; as, poorness and degeneracy of spirit – Addison.
  4. Barrenness; sterility; as, the poorness of land or soil.
  5. Unproductiveness; want of the metallic substance; as the poorness of ore.
  6. Smallness or bad quality; as, the poorness of crops or of grain.
  7. Want of value or importance; as, the poorness of a plea.
  8. Want of good qualities, or the proper qualities which constitute a thing good in its kind; as, the poorness of a ship or of cloth.
  9. Narrowness; barrenness; want of capacity. – Spectator. Poorness of spirit, in a theological sense, true humility or contrition of heart on account of sin.

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