Definition for POR'PHY-RY

POR'PHY-RY, n. [Gr. πορφυρα, purple; L. porphyrites; Fr. porphyre; It. and Sp. porfido.]

A mineral consisting of a homogeneous ground with crystals of some other mineral imbedded, giving to the mass a speckled complexion. One variety of Egyptian porphyry has a purple ground, whence the name of the species; but the homogeneous ground with imbedded crystals, being all that is essential to porphyry, its composition and colors are consequently various. – D. Olmsted. Porphyry is very hard, and susceptible of a fine polish. Porphyry is composed of paste in which are disseminated a multitude of little angular and granuliform parts, of a color different from the ground. – Dict. Nat. Hist.

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