Definition for POS'SI-BLE

POS'SI-BLE, a. [Fr.; It. possibile; Sp. posible; from L. possibilis, from posse. See Power.]

That may be or exist; that may be now, or may happen or come to pass; that may be done; not contrary to the nature of things. It is possible that the Greeks and Turks may now be engaged in battle. It is possible the peace of Europe may continue a century. It is not physically possible that a stream should ascend a mountain, but it is possible that the Supreme Being may suspend a law of nature, that is, his usual course of proceeding. It is not possible that 2 and 3 should be 7, or that the same action should be morally right and morally wrong. This word when pronounced with a certain emphasis, implies improbability. A thing is possible, but very improbable.

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