Definition for PRAC'TIC-A-BLE

PRAC'TIC-A-BLE, a. [Fr. practicable; It. practicabile; Sp. practicable. See Practice.]

  1. That may be done, effected or performed by human means, or by powers that can be applied. It is sometimes synonymous with possible, but the words differ in this; possible is applied to that which might be performed, if the necessary powers or means could be obtained; practicable is limited in its application to things which are to be performed by the means given, or which may be applied. It was possible for Archimedes to lift the world, but it was not practicable.
  2. That may be practiced; as, a practicable virtue. – Dryden.
  3. That admits of use, or that may be passed or traveled; as, a practicable road. In military affairs, a practicable breach is one that can be entered by troops. – Mitford. Where the passage over the Euphrates is most practicable. – Murphy.

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