Definition for PRAE-MU-NI'RE

PRAE-MU-NI'RE, n. [PRÆ-MU-NI'RE. A corruption of the L. præmonere, to pre-admonish.]

  1. A writ, or the offense for which it is granted. The offense consists in introducing a foreign authority or power into England, that is, introducing and maintaining the papal power, creating imperium in imperio, and yielding that obedience to the mandates of the pope, which constitutionally belongs to the king. Both the offense and the writ are so denominated from the words used in the writ, præmunire facias, cause A. B. to be forewarned to appear before us to answer the contempt wherewith he stands charged. – Blackstone. Encyc.
  2. The penalty incurred by infringing a statute. – South.

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