Definition for PRANK

PRANK, v.t. [If n is not radical, this word coincides with G. pracht, D. and Dan. pragt, Sw. prackt, pomp, magnificence; also with G. prangen, to shine, to make a show; D. pronken, to shine or make a show, to be adorned, to strut; Dan. pranger, to prance, to make a show, to sell by retail; the latter sense perhaps from breaking; Sw. prunka. So in Port. brincar, to sport; Sp. id. to leap. These are evidently the Ar. بَرَقَ baraka, to adorn, to lighten. Prink is probably from the same root.]

To adorn in a showy manner; to dress or adjust to ostentation. In sumptuous tire she joyed herself to prank. – Milton. It is often followed by up. And me, poor lowly maid, / Most goddess-like prankt up. – Shak.

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