Definition for PRE-SUMP'TIVE


  1. Taken by previous supposition; grounded on probable evidence.
  2. Unreasonably confident; adventuring without reasonable ground to expect success; presumptuous; arrogant. – Brown. Presumptive evidence, in law, is that which is derived from circumstances which necessarily or usually attend a fact, as distinct from direct evidence or positive proof. Presumptive evidence of felony should be cautiously admitted. – Blackstone. Presumptive heir, one who would inherit an estate if the ancestor should die with things in their present state, but whose right of inheritance may be defeated by the birth of a nearer heir before the death of the ancestor. Thus the presumptive succession of a brother or nephew may be destroyed by the birth of a child. Presumptive heir is distinguished from heir apparent, whose right of inheritance is indefeasible, provided he outlives the ancestor. – Blackstone.

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