Definition for PROB'LEM

PROB'LEM, n. [Fr. probleme; L. It. and Sp. problema; Gr. προβλημα, from προβαλλω, to throw forward; προ and βαλλω, to throw, L. pello.]

  1. A question proposed.
  2. In logic, a proposition that appears neither absolutely true nor false, and consequently may be asserted either in the affirmative or negative.
  3. In geometry, a proposition in which some operation or construction is required, as to divide a line or an angle, to let fall a perpendicular, &c. – Encyc.
  4. In general, any question involving doubt or uncertainty, and requiring some operation, experiment or further evidence for its solution. The problem is, whether a strong and constant belief that a thing will be, helps any thing to the erecting of the thing. – Bacon.

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