Definition for PROD'UCT

PROD'UCT, n. [L. productus, from produco; Fr. produit.]

  1. That which is produced by nature, as fruits, grain, metals; as, the product of land; the products of the season.
  2. That which is formed or produced by labor or by mental application; as, the products of manufactures, of commerce or of art; the products of great and wise men. In the latter sense, production is now generally used. In general, products comprehend whatever is produced or made; as when we speak of the products of a country exported. The product of the import and excise. – Belknap. N. Hamp.
  3. Effect; result; something consequential. These are the product / Of those ill mated marriages. – Milton.
  4. In arithmetic, the amount of two or more numbers multiplied. Thus 5x7=35, the product. Product results from multiplication, as sum does from addition.
  5. In geometry, the factum of two or more lines.

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