Definition for PRO-DUC'TIVE

PRO-DUC'TIVE, a. [It. produttivo; Sp. productivo.]

  1. Having the power of producing; as, productive labor is that which increases the number or amount of products; opposed to unproductive labor. The labor of the farmer and mechanic is productive; the labor of officers and professional men is unproductive to the state. A tree which bears fruit, and the land which bears grass or grain, is productive.
  2. Fertile; producing good crops. We often denote by this word that land or plants yield large products.
  3. Producing; bringing into being; causing to exist; efficient; as, an age productive of great men; a spirit productive of heroic achievements. This is turning nobility into a principle of virtue, and making it productive of merit. – Spectator. And kindle with thy own productive fire. – Dryden.

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