Definition for PRO-FANE'

PRO-FANE', a. [L. profanus; pro and fanum, a temple; It. and Sp. profano; Fr. profane.]

  1. Irreverent to any thing sacred; applied to persons. A man is profane when he takes the name of God in vain, or treats sacred things with abuse and irreverence.
  2. Irreverent; proceeding from a contempt of sacred things, or implying it; as, profane words or language; profane swearing.
  3. Not sacred; secular; relating to secular things; as, profane history.
  4. Polluted; not pure. Nothing is profane that serveth to holy things. – Ralegh.
  5. Not purified or holy; allowed for common use; as, a profane place. – Ezek. xlii and xlviii.
  6. Obscene; heathenish; tending to bring reproach on religion; as, profane fables. – 1 Tim. iv. Profane is used chiefly in Scripture in opposition to holy, or qualified ceremonially for sacred services.

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