Definition for PUR'CHASE

PUR'CHASE, n. [Norm. Fr. pourchas or purchas.]

  1. In law, the act of obtaining or acquiring the title to lands and tenements by money, deed, gift or any means, except by descent; the acquisition of lands and tenements by a man's own act or agreement. – Littleton. Blackstone.
  2. In law, the suing out and obtaining a writ.
  3. In common usage, the acquisition of the title or property of any thing by rendering an equivalent in money. It is foolish to lay out money in the purchase of repentance. – Franklin.
  4. That which is purchased; any thing of which the property is obtained by giving an equivalent price in money. The scrip was complete evidence of his right in the purchase. – Wheaton.
  5. That which is obtained by labor, danger, art, &c. A beauty waning and distressed widow / Made prize and purchase of his wanton eye. – Shak.
  6. Formerly, robbery and the thing stolen. – Chaucer.
  7. Any mechanical hold, advantage, power or force applied to the raising or removing of heavy bodies.

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