Definition for PURE'NESS


  1. Clearness; an unmixed state; separation or freedom from any heterogeneous or foreign matter; as, the pureness of water or other liquor; the pureness of a metal; the pureness of marl or clay; the pureness of air.
  2. Freedom from moral turpitude or guilt. May we evermore serve thee in holiness and pureness of living. – Com. Prayer.
  3. Simplicity; freedom from mixture or composition. An essence eternal and spiritual, of absolute pureness and simplicity. – Ralegh.
  4. Freedom from vicious or improper words, phrases or modes of speech; as, pureness of style. – Ascham. Pure villenage, in the feudal law, is a tenure of lands by uncertain services at the will of the lord; opposed to privileged villenage. – Blackstone.

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