Definition for PUSH

PUSH, v.t. [Fr. pousser; D. puis, a push; Sw. pösa, to swell; W. pos, growth, increase; posiaw, to increase, or pwysaw, to press, to weigh. The sense is to thrust, press or urge. See Class Bz.]

  1. To press against with force; to drive or impel by pressure; or to endeavor to drive by steady pressure, without striking; opposed to draw. We push a thing forward by force applied behind it; we draw by applying force before it. We may push without moving the object.
  2. To butt; to strike with the end of the horns; to thrust the points of horns against. If the ox shall push a man-servant or maid-servant … he shall be stoned. – Exod. xxi.
  3. To press or urge forward; as, to push an objection too far. He forewarns his care / With rules to push his fortune or to bear. – Dryden.
  4. To urge; to drive. Ambition pushes the soul to such actions as are apt to procure honor to the actor. – Spectator.
  5. To enforce; to press; to drive to a conclusion. We are pushed for an answer. – Swift.
  6. To importune; to press with solicitation; to tease. To push down, to overthrow by pushing or impulse.

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