Definition for DAIN'TY

DAIN'TY, a. [W. deintiaiz; Scot. dainty; from dant, daint, the teeth, L. dens, Gr. οδους, Sans. danta.]

  1. Nice; pleasing to the palate; of exquisite taste; delicious; as, dainty food. His soul abhorreth dainty meat. Job xxxiii.
  2. Delicate; of acute sensibility; nice in selecting what is tender and good; squeamish; soft; luxurious; as, a dainty taste or palate; a dainty people.
  3. Scrupulous in manners; ceremonious. Shak.
  4. Elegant; tender; soft; pure; neat; effeminately beautiful; as, dainty hands or limbs. Milton. Shak.
  5. Nice; affectedly fine; as, a dainty speaker. Prior.

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