Definition for DANCE

DANCE, v.i. [Fr. danser; Sp. danzar; Port. dançar; Arm. dançzal; It. danzare; G. tanzen; Sw. dansa; Dan. dandser; D. danssen; Basque danzta; Russ. tantzyu. Qu. the radical letters, and the Oriental דןץ, with a casual n.]

  1. Primarily, to leap or spring; hence, to leap or move with measured steps, regulated by a tune, sung or played on a musical instrument; to leap or step with graceful motions of the body, corresponding with the sound of the voice or of an instrument. There is a time to mourn, and a time to dance. Eccles. iii.
  2. To leap and frisk about; to move nimbly or up and down. To dance attendance, to wait with obsequiousness; to strive to please and gain favor by assiduous attentions and officious civilities; as, to dance attendance at court.

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