Definition for DAUGH'TER

DAUGH'TER, n. [daw'ter; Sax. dohter; D. dogter; G. tochter; Sw. and Dan. dotter; Gr. θυγατηρ; Goth. dauhtar; Russ. doch; Pers. دُخْتَرْ dochtar, a daughter; also, دُختْ docht, daughter, and a virgin; also, strength, power; Sans. dugida or duhita. The latter words coincide with the Sax. dugan, to avail, to be good; dugoth, strength, grace, L. decus. See Decency.]

  1. The female offspring of a man or woman; a female child of any age.
  2. A daughter in law; a son's wife. – Ruth iii.
  3. A woman; plur. female inhabitants. Dinah went out to see the daughters of the land. – Gen. xxxiv.
  4. A female descendant; lineage of females. – Luke i.
  5. The female penitent of a confessor. – Shak. This word is used in Scripture for the inhabitants of a city or country, male and female. – Is. xvi.2. Matth. xxi. Also, a term of affection or kindness. Daughter, be of good comfort. – Matth. ix.

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