Definition for DE-FENSE'

DE-FENSE', n. [defens'; L. defensio.]

  1. Any thing that opposes attack, violence, danger, or injury; any thing that secures the person, the rights or the possessions of men; fortification; guard; protection; security. A wall, a parapet, a ditch, or a garrison, is the defense of a city or fortress. The Almighty is the defense of the righteous. – Ps. lix.
  2. Vindication; justification; apology; that which repels or disproves a charge or accusation. Men, brethren, fathers, hear ye my defense. – Acts xxii.
  3. In law, the defendant's reply to the plaintif's declaration, demands, or charges.
  4. Prohibition. [Obs.] – Temple.
  5. Resistance; opposition. – Shak.
  6. The science of defending against enemies; military skill.
  7. In fortification, a work that flanks another.

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