Definition for DE-FINE'

DE-FINE', v.t. [L. definio; de and finio, to end, to limit, from finis, end; Fr. definir; Sp. definir; It. definire.]

  1. To determine or describe the end or limit; as, to define the extent of a kingdom or country.
  2. To determine with precision; to ascertain; as, to define the limits of a kingdom.
  3. To mark the limit; to circumscribe; to bound.
  4. To determine or ascertain the extent of the meaning of a word; to ascertain the signification of a term; to explain what a word is understood to express; as, to define the words virtue, courage, belief, or charity.
  5. To describe; to ascertain or explain the distinctive properties or circumstances of a thing; as, to define a line or an angle.

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