Definition for DE-MAND'

DE-MAND', n.

  1. An asking for or claim made by virtue of a right or supposed right to the thing sought; an asking with authority; a challenging as due; as, the demand of the creditor was reasonable; the note is payable on demand. He that has confidence to turn his wishes into demands, will be but a little way from thinking he ought to obtain them. – Locke.
  2. The asking or requiring of a price for goods offered for sale; as, I can not agree to his demand.
  3. That which is or may be claimed as due; debt; as, what are your demands on the estate?
  4. The calling for in order to purchase; desire to possess; as, the demand for the Bible has been great and extensive; copies are in great demand.
  5. A desire or a seeking to obtain. We say, the company of a gentleman is in great demand; the lady is in great demand or request.
  6. In law, the asking or seeking for what is due or claimed as due, either expressly by words, or by implication, as by seizure of goods or entry into lands.

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