Definition for DEM-ON-STRA'TION


  1. The act of demonstrating, or of exhibiting certain proof.
  2. The highest degree of evidence; certain proof exhibited, or such proof as establishes a fact or proposition beyond a possibility of doubt, or as shows the contrary position to be absurd or impossible.
  3. Indubitable evidence of the senses, or of reason; evidence which satisfies the mind of the certainty of a fact or proposition. Thus, we hold that the works of nature exhibit demonstration of the existence of a God.
  4. In logic a series of syllogisms, all whose premises are either definitions, self-evident truths, or propositions already established. – Encyc.
  5. Show; exhibition. – Mitford.
  6. In anatomy, the exhibition of parts dissected.
  7. In military affairs, a movement of troops toward a given point, as if to make an attack.

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