Definition for DE-PEND'

DE-PEND', v.t. [L. dependeo; de and pendeo, to hang; Sp. depender; It. dipendere; Fr. dependre; Arm. depanta.]

  1. To hang; to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above; followed by from. From the frozen beard / Long icicles depend. – Dryden.
  2. To be connected with any thing, as the cause of its existence or of its operation and effects; to rely on; to have such connection with any thing as a cause, that without it, the effect would not be produced; followed by on or upon. We depend on God for existence; we depend on air for respiration; vegetation depends on heat and moisture; the infant depends on its parents for support; the peace of society depends on good laws and a faithful administration.
  3. To adhere; to hold; to be retained. [See Dependent.] – Shak.
  4. To be in suspense; to be undetermined; as, the cause still depends. B; destroyingut the verb is seldom used in this sense. We use the participle; as, the suit is still depending in court. [See Pending.]
  5. To rely; to rest with confidence; to trust; to confide; to have full confidence or belief. We depend on the word or assurance of our friends. We depend on the arrival of the mail at the usual hour. Depend on it, the knave will deceive us. To depend on or upon, to rely; to trust in, with confidence.

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