Definition for DE-POSE'

DE-POSE', v.t. [s as z; Fr. deposer; L. depono, depositum; de and pono, to lay or put; Sp. deponer; It. deporre.]

  1. To lay down; to throw; to let fall; as, the flood deposed fine particles of earth on the bank of the river. In this sense, we now use deposit. – Woodward.
  2. To reduce from a throne or other high station; to dethrone; to degrade; to divest of office; as, to depose a king or a pope.
  3. To give testimony on oath, especially to give testimony which is committed to writing; to give answers to interrogatories, intended as evidence in a court.
  4. To lay aside. [Little used.] – Barrow.
  5. To take away; to strip; to divest. [Not in use.] – Shak.
  6. To examine on oath. [Not in use.] – Shak.

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