Definition for DE-POS'IT

DE-POS'IT, v.t. [s as z; L. depositum, from depono.]

  1. To lay down; to lay; to throw down. A crocodile deposits her eggs in the sand. A bird deposits eggs in a nest. An inundation deposits particles of earth on a meadow.
  2. To lay up; to lay in a place for preservation. We deposit the produce of the earth in barns, cellars or storehouses. We deposit goods in a warehouse, and books in library.
  3. To lodge in the hands of a person for safe-keeping or other purpose; to commit to the care of; to intrust; to commit to one as a pledge. We say, the bond is deposited in the hands of an attorney; money is deposited as a pledge, or security.
  4. To lay aside. [Little used.]

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