Definition for DE-RANGE'

DE-RANGE', v.t. [Fr. deranger; de and ranger, to set in order, from rang, rank; Arm. direncqa.]

  1. To put out of order; to disturb the regular order of; to throw into confusion; as, to derange the plans of a commander, or the affairs of a nation. I had long supposed that nothing could derange or interrupt the course of putrefaction. Lavoisier, Tran.
  2. To embarrass; to disorder; as, his private affairs are deranged.
  3. To disorder the intellect; to disturb the regular operations of reason.
  4. To remove from place or office, as the personal staff of a principal military officer. Thus when a general officer resigns or is removed from office, the personal staff appointed by himself are said to be deranged. – W. H. Sumner.

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