Definition for DER-I-VA'TION

DER-I-VA'TION, n. [L. derivatio.]

  1. The act of deriving, drawing or receiving from a source; as, the derivation of an estate from ancestors, or of profits from capital, or of truth or facts from antiquity.
  2. In grammar, the drawing or tracing of a word from its root or original; as, derivation from the L. derivo, and the latter from rivus, a stream.
  3. A drawing from, or turning aside from, a natural course or channel; as, the derivation of water from its channel by lateral drains.
  4. A drawing of humors from one part of the body to another; as, the derivation of humors from the eye, by a blister on the neck.
  5. The thing derived or deduced. – Glanville.

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