Definition for DE-SCRIP'TION

DE-SCRIP'TION, n. [L. descriptio.]

  1. The act of delineating, or representing the figure of any thing by a plan, to be presented to the eye.
  2. The figure or appearance of any thing delineated, or represented by visible lines, marks, colors, &c.; as, the description of a country, or of Solomon's temple.
  3. The act of representing a thing by words or by signs, or the passage containing such representation; a representation of names, nature or properties, that gives to another a view of the thing. Homer abounds with beautiful and striking descriptions. Hence,
  4. A definition. All definitions must be less perfect descriptions of a material thing, than a visible figure or delineation.
  5. The qualities expressed in a representation; as, a man of this description. – Burke. Hence,
  6. The persons having the qualities expressed; a class of persons to whom a description is applicable, or who are in a similar condition. The secretary proceeds to examine, whether a difference ought to be permitted to remain between them and another description of public creditors. – Hamilton. Persons of different descriptions. – Scott.

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