Definition for DI-MIN'ISH

DI-MIN'ISH, v.t. [L. diminuo; di and minuo, to lessen; minor, less; It. diminuire; Fr. diminuer; Sp. diminuir; Ir. min, fine; mion, small; W. main, meinw, small, slender; Russ. menshe, less; umenshayu, to diminish; Ar. مَنَّ manna, to cut off, to weaken, to diminish. Class Mn, No. 5.]

  1. To lessen; to make less or smaller, by any means; opposed to increase and augment; as, to diminish the size of a thing by contraction, or by cutting off a part; to diminish a number by subtraction; to diminish the revenue by limiting commerce, or reducing the customs; to diminish strength or safety; to diminish the heat of a room. It is particularly applied to bulk and quantity, as shorten is to length.
  2. To lessen; to impair; to degrade. I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over nations. – Ezek. xxix.
  3. In music, to take from a note by a sharp, flat or natural. To diminish from, to take away something. [Obs.] Neither shall you diminish aught from it. – Deut. iv.

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