Definition for DIS-CLOSE'

DIS-CLOSE', v.t. [disclo'ze; dis and close; Fr. declorre, declos; L. discludo. See Close.]

  1. To uncover; to open; to remove a cover from, and lay open to the view. The shells being broken, the stone included in them is disclosed. – Woodward.
  2. To cause to appear; to lay open to the view; to bring to light. Events have disclosed the designs of the ministry.
  3. To reveal by words; to tell; to utter; as, to disclose the secret thoughts of the heart.
  4. To make known; to show in any manner. A blush may disclose a secret passion in the breast.
  5. To open; to hatch. [Not used.] The ostrich layeth her eggs under sand, where the heat of the sun discloseth them. – Bacon.

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