Definition for DIS-HON'EST

DIS-HON'EST, a. [dizon'est. dis and honest.]

  1. Void of honesty; destitute of probity, integrity or good faith; faithless; fraudulent; knavish; having or exercising a disposition to deceive, cheat and defraud; applied to persons; as, a dishonest man.
  2. Proceeding from fraud or marked by it; fraudulent; knavish; as, a dishonest transaction.
  3. Disgraced; dishonored; from the sense in Latin. Dishonest with lopped arms the youth appears. – Dryden.
  4. Disgraceful; ignominious; from the Latin sense. Inglorious triumphs, and dishonest scars. – Pope.
  5. Unchaste; lewd. – Shak.

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